Capt Suresh

February 26th, 2008

I am one of those lucky few who got introduced to the wonders of nature while yet a toddler. My father used to take me out to the nearby jungle patch for morning walks everyday and I have kept in touch with nature to this day and it is now a passion with me. My love of nature, photography and travel got me to join the Indian army, which took me to all corners of India and also abroad. But I bid the Indian army adieu to pursue my hobbies whole time, like a free bird. I have been associated with wildlife film projects including two for the National Geographic Society, USA. With talent & skill in numerous fields, I have developed expertise in designing and fabrication of natural history sets for shooting wildlife films under controlled conditions. I also design cine support equipment and contraptions for wildlife filming.

My sole mission is `Nature Conservation Through Education’. To raise funds for all this, I organise sepcial interest photo safaris WILDHISS TOURS Pvt.Ltd.

Also, I design and manufacture souvenirs with wildlife motifs to raise funds for the Snake Cell, wildlife T-shirts are the best in the country.

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  1. Dr. Ranjan Maheshwari Says:

    A few unsolicited words about Captain Sharma….
    He is not a man but a `mission’ in himself. With a wonderful support from his wife, he is helping save the environment with his limited resources. His vehicle “Kingcobra” is another innovation, I admire. A number of times, we have discussed forming a forum of amateur snake handlers of India and exchange our experiences. Through this blog, I request all amateur snake handlers to introduce themselves….

  2. J.C.Lopez-Johnston Says:

    Captain Suresh

    Is it a honor to met you. I just opened your e mail and have not read /watched your interesting web site yet but I promise to review it in detail. At a glance you have plenty of experience in “our uncommon” photography field.

    I am sure we can share our experiences and learn from each other about Venezuela, I am from this country and mostof my experience rely on this snakes, and US snakes.

    This is my academic resume link

    I also have a e-shop with Venezuelan snakes

    You already have my photography website and links

    Captain Suresh, once I finish watching your site I will contact you, please fell free to make any comment about my web sites.

    Thank you

    Juan C

    Sir, you can simply call me Juan.

  3. Alok Sud Says:

    Dear Capt Suresh,

    I am sure that pursuit of any passion is the basis of excellence. Your website is wonderful in its simplicity and is rather inviting. Your effort at de-mystifying snakes and now cactii is remarkable. My best wishes in your endeavors.

    Alok Sud

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